We target investments in companies which operate in fragmented industries that meet the following criteria:

Industry Segments


Niche manufacturing companies with short order and production lead times that generate gross margins in excess of 25%


Companies with value-added branding, merchandising or unique processing with gross margins in excess of 20%

Business Services

Select service providers with a unique and value-added service offering, deep customer relationships, high switching costs and a scalable business platform

Platform Company Parameters (any size for add-on acquisitions)

Transaction Value

$15 to $100 million


$20 to $150 million


$3 to $12 million

Geographic Preference

All platform companies must be headquartered in the United States. No geographic preference for add-on acquisitions.

Transaction Types

  • Private companies undergoing an ownership transition, recapitalization or requiring growth capital
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Strategic add-on acquisitions for platform companies
  • Select special situations


Required (alone or with a compatible co-investor)