We have a genuine commitment to the highest standards of business practices and ethics. At Pfingsten we do what we say we will do.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Since Pfingsten’s founding, the firm has been guided by five core values: shareholder value, responsible ownership, integrity, professional conduct and teamwork. We believe responsible ESG practices are the foundation of these core values and are essential to building better businesses with sustainable long-term business practices.

Our team evaluates ESG risks and opportunities when analyzing new investment opportunities and regularly monitors each portfolio company across a variety of environmental, social and governance factors.

Environmental: We are devoted to minimizing the environmental impact of our portfolio companies through improved energy efficiency, minimizing waste sent to landfills and encouraging our employees to adopt environmentally responsible protocols.

Sustainability: Our portfolio companies are dedicated to purchasing from suppliers who manufacture goods that are developed in a sustainable manner.

Social: Our portfolio company employees' health and safety is a top priority. We also encourage our portfolio company employees to support their local communities.

Governance: We believe all employees should operate with the highest ethical standards by conducting business activities in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Diversity: We are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion across our organization and within our portfolio companies.

Resources: Through our continuous improvement training programs and best practice exchange forums, we are continuously educating, communicating and monitoring our processes, striving to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each of our portfolio companies.

Pfingsten believes companies that actively engage in responsible ESG practices are better managed and more likely to deliver superior outcomes for investors, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the communities they serve.