Unified Power

Terrell, Texas

Unified Power is a premier national, independent service provider for the critical power services market, offering a full range of preventative and emergency maintenance services, equipment, batteries and replacement parts. Unified Power specializes in the service and maintenance of uninterruptible power supply equipment, DC plants and associated critical power equipment. Unified Power is headquartered in Terrell, Texas and has additional facilities in Frederick, Maryland and Marietta, Georgia.


  • Power Protection Unlimited – Rosedale, MD
  • United Power Service Company – Glenmont, OH
  • Power Protection Services, LLC – Mesquite, TX
  • UPS Division of LionHeart Power Systems, Inc. – Huntley, IL
  • 24/7 Technology Inc. – Marietta, GA
  • Critical Power USA – Frederick, MD
  • We are currently seeking add-on acquisitions for Unified Power.
  • unifiedpowerusa.com
  • 247technology.com
  • criticalpowerusa.com
Unified Power
Industry: Uninterruptible Power Supply
Acquired: January 2011