Our operating professionals provide expertise and resources.

Nearly half of our team is comprised of experienced operators who have previously led large, complex businesses. Pfingsten’s operators work in partnership with management, providing assistance with strategic, tactical and financial planning to drive profitable growth.

Continuous Improvement Training Programs

We follow a team-based continuous improvement operating model that simplifies and combines elements of several modern management practice models (Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen and Total Quality Management). Continuous improvement supports collaborative, data-driven decision making and a cross-functional approach, keeping the process simple and easy to understand.  This training process empowers employees to use data and cross-functional teams to identify and solve daily problems at our companies.

Best Practice Exchange Forums 

Our best practices forums encourage management and employees from all Pfingsten portfolio companies to formally and informally exchange ideas, collaborate and share best practices.  We offer forums in eight functional areas: CEO, finance, human resources, engineering and new product development, sales and marketing, supply chain and operations, digital marketing and information technology.

Outsourced Services

Our scale allows us to offer our portfolio companies a wide range of value-added services. Management teams may select outsourced services from our preferred vendors to help expedite operational initiatives and ensure proper governance.

  • 401K and Benefits Management
  • Audit
  • Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Duties and Customs
  • Digital Marketing and E-commerce
  • Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
  • ERP and CRM Software
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Freight and Fleet Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Insurance
  • Legal and Patent Protection
  • MRO Supplies
  • Income and Sales Tax Compliance
  • Technology Infrastructure and Security
  • Website Design and Development

Pfingsten Executive Network

We have a long history of collaborating with talented executives and leaders to guide our portfolio companies. The Pfingsten Executive Network (PEN) consists of over 100 experienced business professionals with various functional area backgrounds that can help our companies in their next phase of development. Our companies utilize the PEN in a variety of ways from senior management positions, advisory board participation or project-specific roles. For more information regarding the Pfingsten Executive Network, join our LinkedIn group or email us at pen@pfingsten.com.

PEN Origination Program

PEN executives work with us by referring investment opportunities, introducing us to experienced talent, connecting us with industry experts or by providing their own industry expertise to assist us with new investments. Success fees are available for qualified introductions that result in completed transactions. For additional detail regarding this program, email Scott Finegan or Phil Bronsteatter.