Our experienced operating professionals provide expertise and insight.

Nearly half of Pfingsten’s professionals are experienced operators who have typically run businesses larger and more complex than those in which we initially invest. Our operators work in partnership with company management to provide hands-on assistance with strategic, tactical and financial planning, as well as support and assistance with operational improvements.

Continuous Improvement

Pfingsten follows a team-based continuous improvement operating model that combines and simplifies elements of several modern management practice models, including Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Total Quality Management. Our commitment to continuous improvement supports collaborative, data-driven decision making and a cross-functional approach, but eliminates the jargon, keeping the process simple enough for everyone to understand and embrace.

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Our Continuous Improvement programs empower employees.

Pfingsten operates three formal training programs: one for senior and middle management, a second, larger program for team leaders, and a third for team members. Our team-based continuous improvement programs help middle market companies reach their growth and profit potential, building a bridge to implementing more sophisticated business practices.

Best Practices Forums foster an exchange of ideas.

Our best practices forums encourage management and employees from all Pfingsten portfolio companies to formally and informally exchange ideas, collaborate and compare best practices with the goal of improving operations. Currently, we offer forums in eight functional areas: CEO, CFO, human resources, information technology, engineering, sales and marketing, supply chain management and continuous improvement champions.

Pfingsten Executive Network

Through the Pfingsten Executive Network (PEN), we offer a complement of executive and functional management resources to help portfolio companies fill transitional gaps and catalyze the next phase of a company’s development. Pfingsten portfolio companies utilize the PEN in a variety of ways from senior management positions to advisory board or project-specific roles.

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For experienced professionals who want to collaborate with Pfingsten, we have a long history of working with talented executives and leaders to guide our portfolio companies. We continuously interact with prospective business leaders, including:

RecruitingNetworkingDeal Sourcing
Leadership opportunities across advisory, management and functional roles at Pfingsten portfolio companiesProactive outreach with professionals to improve the quality and capability of our expanding networkProspecting and sourcing potential new investment or industry opportunities from personal networks and connections

How to get Connected

We're always looking for talented executives to add to our growing network. For more information or to join the Pfingsten Executive Network, please request a LinkedIn group invite or email us at pen@pfingsten.com.

Executive Network Platform Origination Program

Executives can work proactively with Pfingsten to refer new deal opportunities or work with us on new industry sector ideas through our Executive Network Platform Origination Program. For additional detail regarding this initiative, email Scott Finegan or Phil Bronsteatter.