Since 2008 we have been actively engaged in manufacturing, sales and product sourcing in India. We can assist with entry into this rapidly growing region of the world.

Core Capabilities

Product Sourcing

Assistance with supplier identification, logistical support and quality control

IT Support Services

Offers a suite of technology solutions to improve data management, digital sales and software development

Engineering Support

Provides complex and specialized product design, analysis, compliance testing and new product development expertise

E-Commerce Strategy

Assists with online portals, software solutions, price benchmarking, web catalogs and marketplace listings

Market Entry

Through our relationship with Tecnova India Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi (, we have representatives that can assist with market entry analysis for this developing market, built on years of experience in the region.

Product Sourcing

Our representative office in Chennai also assists our portfolio partners with product and packaging identification and specification, supplier identification and qualification, quality assurance and control, order status management, logistics and shipping, and administration and payment support.

Outsourced Services

Through our relationship with APA Engineering Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai (, we have engineering and IT support services that can provide engineering design, analysis, compliance, new product development, software developement and e-commerce expertise.